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From its beginning in 1971, Aurora Bearing Company quickly grew a reputation for designing and producing high quality commercial rod ends and spherical bearings. Performance, expertise, quality, and service soon made Aurora Bearing a leader in the industrial market. These attributes soon attracted leaders in the aircraft/aerospace field to Aurora for bearing application solutions. Today, companies like Boeing, Lockheed, NASA, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Airbus rely on Aurora to meet their development and production needs.

Aurora provides parts for applications such as: landing gear, horizontal & actuator systems, cargo handling, airframes, engine systems, turnbuckles, APU systems, tail rotors, main rotors and control levers.

Aurora Bearing services unmanned aircraft, missiles, radars, kit planes, personal planes, commercial planes, personal jets, commercial jets, gyrocopters, helicopters and space exploration vehicles.


Companies like Boeing, Lockheed, NASA, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman which need certified parts come to Aurora Bearing for performance, quality, and service they expect. Aurora meets both their rigorous technical requirements and their demanding production schedules to supply parts for unmanned aircraft, missiles, radars, jets, helicopters and space exploration vehicles. Ask our experienced sales force what the Aurora Bearing team can do for you.


The wide range of configurations of products offered by Aurora Bearing has resulted in Aurora products being a key component in race winning vehicles in all forms of motorsports. Stock car racers, both on dirt and pavement, sprint cars, drag cars, open wheel cars, both on speedways and road courses, endurance road racers, off road racers and rally cars are just a small selection of the styles of automobile racing where Aurora products deliver race winning performance. Beyond automobiles, motorcycles and sidecars, snowmobiles, boats, and aircraft racers win with Aurora. Whatever you race, if it uses rod ends or spherical bearings, you can count on Aurora.


The wide range of materials and configurations of Aurora rod end and spherical bearings include many products for marine use. Especially suitable are the many series of stainless steel rod ends and spherical bearings. These offer corrosion production beyond the protective coatings applied to other Aurora products. Aurora stainless steel bearings feature bodies, balls, and races all produced from heat treated materials, offering the ultimate in corrosion resistance, strength, and durability.