Brennan Motorsport Products

Brennan Motorsport Sequential Gearbox LH Side view

Brennan Motorsport Sequential Gearbox RH Side view

Brennan Motorsport Sequential Gearbox Rear View

Brennan Motorsport Sequential Gearbox In Car View

Brennan Pump Installed

Brennan Motorsport Cam Driven Dry Sump Pump

Brennan Motorsport 5 Stage Dry Sump Pump

Brennan Motorsport 4 Stage Dry Sump Pump

BMRS Hosing, fittings, Wiggins clamps

Brennan Motorsport manufacturers Wiggins Ferrules, both for tube and weld ons

Wiggins water hose adaptor

BMRS Quick Disconnect Fittings

BMRS Polyester Liteweight Braid Hosing



Brennan Motorsport & Engineering is dedicated to manufacturing, stocking & selling the finest in hard-core Race Engine components & producing V8 Race Engines.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest and very best engineering equipment from around the world.

We cater to many types of performance customers including Street-performance, Stockcar Racing, Dragracing, Jet Sprint Boats, Speedway and GT Racing.


We are master distributors for the following brands…

  • LUNATI – Crankshaft, camshafts, conrod, pistons, etc.

  • BRODIX – Alloy cylinder heads, blocks & manifolds

  • BARRY GRANT FUEL SYSTEMS – Fuel pumps, fuel systems, etc.

  • HOLLEY – Fuel pumps, ignitions, fuel injection systems, carburetors & manifolds


  • MOTEC – Engine management systems

  • ISKY – cams,and valve train items

  • JE Pistons

  • HILBORN Fuel Injection

  • CHICKEN HAWK Racing Tyre Warmers


We are also suppliers of Holley, Weiand, B&M, Jesel, Ross, ARP, Momo, Earls, Moroso, CV products, Canton, Autometer, Edelbrock, Felpro, plus more.

Brennan Motorsport Dry Sump Pumps

Brennan Motorsport Scavenge Manifolds

Dan Olson Steel Dry Sump Oil Pans

Dry Sump Vacuum Relief Valves

Dry Sump Tanks

Dry Sump Filters,pulleys,belts,drives,heaters

Earls Adaptors & Filters

Kinsler Fuel Filters

CNC Machined Custom Alloy Air Filter Adaptors

AN Plastic Caps & Plugs

CNC Hub Trigger Wheel Installed

Hub Trigger Wheels

Hub Trigger Wheel and Sensor

CNC Machined Custom Distributor for Ref Trigger

CNC Machined Custom Distributor for Ref Trigger

Racing Alternators Single Wire 120amp

Wiring Cover

Sensors & ECU Looms

Personal Italian Racing Steering Wheel

Momo Steering Wheels & Horn Pads & Rings

Quick Release Steering Wheel hub and Spline

Sweet Manufacturing Power Steer Pump and Mounting Bracket

Brennan CNC'd Power Steer Bracket and Unboltable Pulley Hub

Steering Joints

ATL Fuel Tank Bladder

Earls Oil Cooler

Carrillo Conrods

Del West Titanium Intake & Exhaust Valves

NGK Racing & Performance Spark Plugs

Weiand Intake Manifolds and Superchargers

GM Performance Cast Alloy Valve Covers

Brodix Cast Alloy Valve Covers

Dan Olson Alloy Dry Sump Oil Pan

Brodix Alloy Cylinder Heads & Intake Manifolds

Jesel Belt Drive - Small Block Chevy V8

Alloy Air Cleaner - Special Belled bottom for improved air flow

Custom Exhaust Components

Felpro Performance Gaskets

Small Selection of ARP Fasteners Products

ARP Fasteners Bolts and Tools ( Stretch Guage)

ARP Fasteners Rod Bolts

Brodix Alloy Engine Block

Lunati Engine Components

Jesel Roller Lifters

Jesel Roller Lifter

Jesel Rocker Arm Kits

Jesel Belt Drives

Wilson Carburettor Spacers

Moroso, Stant, Samco Cooling Components

Brennan Motorsport Front/Rear Spindles

Brennan Motorsport Front Uprights

Brennan Motorsport Front Uprights

Brennan Motorsport Spindles,Hubs,Drive Pins

Brennan Motorsport Fabricated Ford 9 inch Diffs avail any width,any pickup point and brake mount combo

Brennan Motorsport/Gleason Ford 9 inch Diff Centre - latest design - higher horse power rating

Coli Over Kits - alloy

Coil Over Kits - Steel

Custom CNC Machined Wing Mounts - any length/height available

Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers - can supply these for any tire sizes - used by Brennan Motorsport

Hydraulic Thro Out Bearing

Tilton & AP Master Cylinder Kits

AP Racing Brake & Clutch Fluid

AN Fasteners 6 pt & 12 pt, washers, Jet Nuts - Camlocs - Pit Pins - Sealed U Joints - Band Clamps

Stainless Locking Tab Ty Raps

Brennan Motorsport Stainless Wheel Clips - avail in 2 sizes

Nut Plates for blind mount applications

Brennan Motorsport Stainless Wheel Clips

Stainless Mandral Bends

Race Tape

Guage Kits

Custom Brake Hats - Hard Anodised

CNC Machining Custom Alloy Engine Plate

Audi RS4 Flwheel - Ring Gear Trigger Side

Audi RS4 Steel Flywheel - Clutch side

Audi RS4 Paddle Clutch Plate

Audi RS4 Stainless Exhaust - can do for most cars

70 Boss Mustang Alloy Radiator & twin fan setup

Custom Alloy Radiators with Dual Fans & Shroud

Brennan Motorsport Carbon Fibre Front Firewall/Windscreen Shield Supports

Brennan Motorsport Carbon Fibre Brake Ducts

Front Nose Air Intakes Plugs

Transam/GT Fabricated A Arms - many options available. All bracketry CNC'd and using CNC'd jigs for precision

BME Kevlar Wheel Tethers - Made to measure

Dry Sump Tank Incorporating Return Filter

Motorized ball valve specially engineered by Brennan Motorsport to handle oil and high oil temps. This valve stops oil flowing thru the pump to the pan when engine is not running.

Custom Made Stainless Band Clamps - any length. Ideal for holding filters,fuel pumps,breather tanks,overflow bottles,power steer & clutch bottles etc

Brennan Motorsport Flexible Rubber Bellows available any diameter and length - Fuel and Ethanol resistant

Billet Alloy 6061 Grade Dual Element Wing Brackets

Billet Intake Manifold and Throttle Body - Toyota 1JZGTE