Brennan Motorsport - BBS Race Wheels


Every wheel starts off as an idea. For the light alloy wheel produced by BBS, most of these ideas are revolutionary concepts. More stable, more lightweight, more aesthetic – this is what we demand of ourselves. And to meet and exceed such high expectations time and again, advanced design and production technology is an absolute requirement – as is a highly skilled team of motivated employees. BBS offers everything!


Based on design sketches that already show important individual wheel features, 3D computer models are developed using state-of-the-art IT systems. Computer simulation accelerates and optimises the development process and provides the basis for the first prototypes. After extensive testing, the appropriate adjustments are made and the exact surface finish and colour are selected before the new wheel goes into series production.


Our innovative developments result in lighter wheels and enhance stability. Air-Inside Technology works on the hollow chamber principle and vastly reduces the unsprung weight. Undercut and back-milled spokes have a similar positive effect. Developed by BBS, rim protectors and certain multi-piece wheel designs also have certain design advantages and cost benefits in the event of damage.


We achieve superior quality using high-grade raw materials, specially developed aluminium alloys and powerful production technology. Flawless rough castings are made at precisely controlled stations in a low-pressure process. These are then compressed by rotating cylinders. In three stages of heat treatment, the desired strength of the future wheel is precisely defined. Then, for surface treatment, we use a variety of efficient methods depending on the specific requirements of each wheel. Coatings are applied in several layers. Diamond cutting and ceramic polishing create a perfect finish. Additionally, we use a ball burnishing process to harden the wheel surface. A final coat of clear lacquer protects the material for the long term.


Wheels from BBS are able to withstand many times the loads set out in European ECE standards with a unique range of quality and design features. We lay the foundation for this technology before series production. Using FEM analysis and computer simulations, wheel properties are determined and optimised during the design stage. Prototypes have to demonstrate their quality on laboratory test benches under extreme conditions. During series production, an effective quality assurance system guarantees that each wheel is of first-rate quality. We have received certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for effective quality management and ISO TS 16949, the international quality standard for the automotive industry. And to prove that environmental protection and resource conservation play an important role at BBS, the company has been awarded the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management.

Collision Protection

The collision protection in polished stainless steel was developed and patented by BBS to sustainably secure the wheel's high-quality appearance. It is available as a replaceable spare part and can be exchanged quickly and easily if damage should occur. Without the high follow-up costs for a complete rim processing and without having to dismantle the tires.

Back-milling the Spokes

When the spokes are back-milled, the optimal ratio between weight and stability are achieved for a light alloy wheel. This is done using a special CNC milling process where the lateral parts that hold the wheel spokes, and are not relevant for stability, are removed. Before the stability of a prototype is directly tested on a test bench, however, a computer simulation is run for several test cycles with the respective wheel model and the modified spoke configuration, to already determine the optimal ratio during the construction phase.


To machine the undercut, all areas on the inner side of the wheel of the star hub that correspond to weight optimization are processed with special turning or milling tools and excess material is removed to reduce the rotating wheel mass. Special attention is thereby given to the optimization of the inner sides of the spokes and the bolt circle. With the application of this technology, we are able to produce complexer forms with increased stability and less material input.

Multiple Pieces

If light alloy wheels consist of more than one component, the term multi-piece light alloy wheels applies. Two-piece BBS light alloy wheels consist of rim and star hub; three-piece light alloy wheels of two rim halves and the star hub. The individual components are securely connected with titanium bolts.

Strength to Weight Ratio

For the construction of new light alloy wheels there is one objective: the perfect ratio between weight and stability, the so-called Strength to Weight Ratio. As a general principle: the more massive and stable the design of a wheel model, the heavier it is. The innovative developments from BBS prove that this does not have to be the case. For example, BBS delivers highest stability with a minimum of rotating mass with the hollowed spokes, inside and outside shoulder, back-milling of the spokes, and weight optimization of the star hub. The result: significantly better handling and greater vehicle performance.