Brennan Motorsport Oil Pumps, Accessories & Schematic

Brennan Motorsport & Engineering Dry Sump Oil Pumps

We carry belts, pulleys, pulley spacers, pulley washers, mandrals, mandral bolts & engine drive nuts

Grant Brennan from Brennan Motorsport & Engineering has developed these pumps over many years and has done extensive cad design and testing leading to the final product. The machining tolerances are the same that are used in our high vac/rotor designed pumps.

Hours of dyno time of individual pieces to develop these pumps to where they are reliable and trouble free.

They have been used in severe conditions and continuous running and on track tests have been proved beyond any doubt that these pumps can take the severe demands of racing.

Pop off setting (or spring height), more volume and 2 inches more vacuum in the pan @ 5000 RPM .

The B M E Pump takes less Horsepower to drive – quieter running and more efficient and lighter pump available today.

All the above features we believe makes the B M E Dry Sump Pumps world class in racing pump technology.

Customer feedback has proven that this is the choice for its performance.


  • CAD designed – 5 Axis CNC Machined• All pump sections are machined to accept O’Rings

  • Especially designed woodruff keys and slots to provide easy maintenance

  • Pump bodies/plates/end covers/mounting brackets/separator plates/bearing plates are 5 axis CNC machined from the finest grade alloys available

  • Special reliefs machined into end plate to eliminate pressure build up between gears – aiding in a reduction of horsepower to drive

  • B M E Pumps run quieter and smoother

  • Gears and shafts are machined from finest materials available – moly heat treated and a special process top secret lower shaft material

  • B M E lower shaft is specially developed to prevent wear and galling that is commonly found in other pump shafts

  • Unique end cap lower shaft locater prevents excessive wear on the end housing

  • B M E are machined to carry ball bearing bearings – not needle rollers – they also carry a mid section bearing with lower shaft also fully supported

  • Computer generated internal oil pump section cavities to allow for a effective scavenge and pumping efficiency

  • Idler gears are of bronze specially designed to create a perfect rolling surface – minimal backlash with the least friction

  • Dual pressure relief spring with B M E post drive internal hexs for the adjustment screw and poppet valve stop

  • Precision ground stainless thru bolts with ARP internal hex 12 pt nuts

  • Stainless cushion washers also fitted

  • Pumps are Hard Anodised and Colourfast


B M E have manufactured specially designed housings with a 30 degree angle to allow for fitment into difficult or tight locations as in marine or chassis interference.

The 30 degree angle can be placed on the inlet, outlet, both to the left, or both to the right – on one or all of the stages. This option needs to be advised when ordering pump.

Mounting Options:

  • LEFT HAND – common

  • RIGHT HAND – no fuel pump boss – Chev

  • RIGHT HAND – with fuel pump boss – Chev


  • CAM MOUNT – front

B M E – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 & 5 stage pumps

Custom also availavble please enquire


Suit B M E 35mm sections only, manufacturered from stainless using mandral bends and purge tig welded.

-12 inlet -16 outlet Manifolds aid in improved scavenging , ease of plumbing and have that professional touch.

We carry belts, pulleys, pulley spacers, pulley washers, mandrals, mandral bolts & engine drive nuts

See pictured right to left some of the different availaiable drive mandrals - #1 is to suit ATI or big block hub #2 is 3 bolt bolt on type #3 is stepped mandral that fits std 1.250" hub/damper,varying lengths available

Pictured is NIssan RB 30 Dry sump Oil Pan. We can manufacture oil pans for any engine.

Motorized ball valve specially engineered by Brennan Motorsport to handle oil and high oil temps. This valve stops oil flowing thru the pump to the pan when engine is not running.

CNC Alloy Dry Sump Oil Pans - Way More Than Just An Oil Pan

Brennan Motorsport & Engineering Oil Pump Schematic



A. Engine

B. B M E External Belt Driven

Scavenge & Pressure Pump

C. #10 or #12 Lines –

Scavenge & Pressure

D. B M E Dry Sump Oil Pan

E. B M E Oil Tank Heater

F. Oil Filter (Or Prefer to remote

mount using Fram HP6)

G. #12 or # 16 Lines

H. Oil Cooler or B M E Heat Exchanger

I. B M E Screen Filter

J. #12 or #16 Scavenge Lines

K. B M E Oil Tank Reservoir

L. Overflow and Breather Tank

M. #12 or #16 Vent Line

N. #12 or #16 One Way Valve

O. Vacumn Relief Valve

NOTE: Line size depends upon whether 4/6/or 8 cylinder – when ordering pump get line size recommendation.

A typical V8 uses lines that are:

#16 from the tank to the firewall and then firewall to pump is #12 for delivery.

#16 return line back to tank .

#16 breather line back to tank.

#12 scavenge lines from sump to pump.

#12 pressure lines pressure to pump to engine

Oil Cooler is best mounted in return line where possible but can be in pressure line.

Oil filter must be the last piece before the engine.

Hi Flow paper filters are highly recommended before engine.

Return line should have an inspection filter that also aids in deairating the oil.

Brennan Motorsport & Engineering recommends its pumps be used in a closed circuit operation using the appropriate B M E Valves as per schematic.

We also highly recommend the use of a high quality – synthetic or semi synthetic oil with a known high quality additive package so as to bring in line with all expectations of all modern race engine component manufacturers.




BME Dry Sump Shut Off Valve.docx