BRENNAN Motorsport Sequential Gearbox

              Brennan Motorsport & Engineering Gearbox


The B M E Sequential Gearbox has been built and designed for the serious racer. The B M E transmission is based around the original Hewland 5 Speed STA Transmissison but has been totally re-engineered using the same equipment and technology that is used in other B M E products.

B M E has worked closely with Hewland on this project. B M E now manufacture the shafts and wide gear sets to bring the high quality associated with all Hewland transmissions to the B M E gearbox.

All new cases, sequential shift mechanism, selectors etc are designed, modelled and produced by B M E. Each gearbox is hand assembled and checked for correct operation prior to shipment with customers choice of ratios personally by Grant Brennan.

B M E gearboxs assembled in cars ready for first tests  back in 2007 & 2008.


Oil Quantity : 1.9 litres or 2 qts Oil Recommendation –  Any high performance race car transmission oil that is suited for sequential gearbox fitted with oil cooler. Such as Lucas SAE 140, Lucas SAE 250, Joe Gibbs Gear Oils &  Mobil 1 gear oil.  

Hi Performance road rated gear oils have proven to be insufficient to lubricate and cool these transmissions.