BRENNAN Motorsport Sequential Gearbox

Brennan Motorsport & Engineering Gearbox


The B M E Sequential Gearbox has been built and designed for the serious racer. The B M E transmission is based around the original Hewland 5 Speed STA Transmissison but has been totally re-engineered using the same equipment and technology that is used in other B M E products.

B M E has worked closely with Hewland on this project. B M E now manufacture the shafts and wide gear sets to bring the high quality associated with all Hewland transmissions to the B M E gearbox.

All new cases, sequential shift mechanism, selectors etc are designed, modelled and produced by B M E. Each gearbox is hand assembled and checked for correct operation prior to shipment with customers choice of ratios personally by Grant Brennan.

B M E gearboxs assembled in cars ready for first tests back in 2007 & 2008.


  • Sequential shift for positive, quick shift and almost completely eliminating dog ring wear.

  • Automatic lockout of neutral and reverse so these positions can never be selected mistakenly

  • Low Ground clearance for low engine and trans placement

  • Quick disassembly and reassemble using minimal tools for 1 or more ratio changes at the track

  • Removable input shaft

  • Internal Oil pump for added lubrication and cooling

  • Lite weight

  • Remote placement of the gear stick for driver comfort

  • Billet Alloy Mid Plate with oil filler

  • Remote breather

  • Available with or without reverse

  • Available 4,5 or 6 speed

  • Special sensors that give gear position or sequential cam rotation as well as selector activation position are an option so that precise flat shift is easily available using existing aftermarket computers such as Motec or others that are dedicated to shift only.

Oil Quantity : 1.9 litres or 2 qts Oil Recommendation – Any high performance race car transmission oil that is suited for sequential gearbox fitted with oil cooler. Such as Lucas SAE 140, Lucas SAE 250, Joe Gibbs Gear Oils & Mobil 1 gear oil.

Hi Performance road rated gear oils have proven to be insufficient to lubricate and cool these transmissions.