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The Brennan Motorsport & Engineering ( B M E ) BR3 has been our best chassis work to date. Grant and Lorraine Brennan purchased a P & M race car chassis, considered by all to be the finest Trasnam chassis design. Being in the industry and developing our own chassis's over 30 years and countless hours of testing, racing and being in an environment of physics and engineering we further developed this chassis design and incorporated many new feature. With the technical advances made in materials and machinery Grant and Lorraine applied a next level to the production of their new chassis. In the New Zealand motorsport environment we have always been very competitive with our designs and components including motorsport driving achievements. A quick glance at the inhouse Brennan BR3 Corvette shows unequaled enviable machining excellence and attention to the smallest detail.

Chassis pictured has 102” wheel base (standard) and is lightweight and completely tig welded (other wheelbase options are available on special request).

The Brennan BR3 is for the more advanced driver due to its design and adjustability.


LIGHTWEIGHT: Achieved through engineering not by using un-safe thin wall tubing, in fact, the main chassis and roll cage are built from rugged, durable chrome moly tubing to meet or exceed sanctioning body requirements.

STRENGTH: By using finite element analysis and cad systems we have created a triangulated space frame that when compared to other frames is ten times stronger in torsional rigidity. Our design has strength in the chassis rather than heavy tubing up high to fix a weak chassis.

This strength can also be raised with the bonding and riveting of alloy cladding.

LOW HEIGHT: The weight of the chassis is not only less than most race cars it is also closer to the track.

ADJUSTABILITY: Teams are demanding faster and faster, more rigid and precise. They also require a chassis that will allow for small adjustments with noticeable change in lap times and easy driver feedback.We have provided driver comfort and a chassis which is very predictable. Engineers can adjust to exact track requirements very quickly.

These chassis allow a driver to be very confident within his surroundings.

A car that is easy to work on is an advantage with the tight time requirements that is an ever present part of mótorsports.


  • Three Link Long Arm adjustable.

  • CNC jigging has made for extremely accurate positioning.

  • All bracketry is CNC manufactured from Moly plate – no mild steel is present in the chassis.

  • Coil over bracketry for easy corner weight adjustment.

  • All Accessory bracketry including wiring tabs showing attention to detail, which is in abundance throughout the chassis.

  • Anti dive in front suspension.

  • Mechanical “under load” caster and camber adjustment.

  • Adjustable roll center height.

  • Roll center to center of gravity remains absolutely constant throughout travel due to special watts linkage design unique to ourselves.

  • Driver adjustable anti-squat with optional electric or manual adjustment.

  • Anti-roll bar front and rear feature unique 90 degree rod end.

  • Mounting that provides an increased dynamic rate advantage. Typically a softer static rate can be utilized with increased roll resistance when it is needed.

  • A Zero scrub radius with low king pin angle.

  • Compact upright that is CNC machined uses spherical outer pivots that are fully CNC machined before treatment and coating for accurate alignment for rose joints, spherical bearings and calipers.

  • Brennan center lock hubs, drive pins and nuts.

  • Long control arms and radius rods locate suspension while providing less angular change for a given amount of chassis movement. This equals more consistent handling and response that the driver can feel.

  • Coilover bracketry is mounted without excessive angle which can degrade handling due to loss of hydraulic movement.

  • No compromise steering rack location with a highly modified Corvette LH Drive Rack with the exact ratio required for these chassis’s. This is important during bump and roll suspension conditions. The optimal location has been achieved from countless hours of testing and analysis with suspension movement. It uses CNC machined bracketry for mounting.

  • Engine bay has ample room for most engine configurations. It makes tuning and maintenance easier.

  • Chassis provides for front, mid and rear mounting of motor and transmission to aid in rigidity and support.

  • Adjustable steering height allows the driver to maintain the optimal location for handling.

  • Proper triangulation throughout creates a rigid platform for the suspension to work from.

  • Less flex creates less metal fatigue and a long lasting durable chassis.

  • Weight distribution is calculated to reduce the polar amount of inertia.

  • Fuel Cell container located is designed into the chassis that helps create a rigid design with less weight.

  • The BR2 Chassis features both LH and RH intrusion bars for driver safety.

  • Our Interior paneling design allows for removable panels where necessary for quick access or adjustment.

  • Provisions for front and rear bolt in subframes, these usually absorb impact without transferring through to the main chassis.

  • The knowledge and experience put into the ( B M E ) BME3 Chassis.

CNC Machined Billet Mid Plate

Brake Hats

Adjustable Body Mounts - Stainless Laser Cut

Battery Hold Down Clamp

Flexible Rubber Bellow - Fuel & Ethanol Resistant

Billet CNC Top A Arms

Billet CNC Top A Arms

Billet CNC Top A Arms

Tie Rod Ends - varying Lengths & threads available

Watts Linkage Pivot

Watts Linkage Pivot Brackets & Weldable Pin - varying lengths,tag lengths, hole diameters

Transam/GT Lower A Arms available in three lengths and options for mounts and spacings. Fabricated using all components CNC cut and welded on CNC'd Jig. Giving precision not always seen with these types of parts.

Laser Cut Exhaust Mid Mount Bracket

Laser Cut Accelerator Pedals

Laser Cut Stainless Radiator Support Mounts

Laser Cut Stainless Foot Rests

Getting ready for Landspeed record February 2018 - car going to receive aero modifications