Brennan Motorsport Projects

Brake Packages To suit Any Vehicle

EFI V8 SB2.2 Race Engine

Transam/GT/Kitcar/Prototype Chassis

Customers GT1 car nearing completion - Fuel lines, wiring, plumbing and choice of body to go

Customers Cars to be supercharged, engine swaps, and Hi Performance improvments

Audi RS4 Project - Suspension, Exhaust, Flywheel, Clutch, Engine Mods, Wheels & Tyres

1970 Boss 429 Mustang Modifications - Power Steering Box,Custom Steering Column,Hydraulic Clutch,Suspension Mods, Engine Rebuild and Modification to Nascar Spec of the time

1970 Ford Mustang with Genuine Nascar 429 Big block engine nearing completion

Holden HQ Various work to fix poor workmanship

Dash For HQ Holden, Made As Direct Replacement

Dash For HQ Holden, Installed

1960 Pontiac Ventura Complete Engine Rebuild

Local Rat Rod in for Dyno Tune prior to Drags

Supply & fitment of Stainless Brake Lines on MK 1 Cortina Estate

Customers Hotrod in for some minor Pre Certification issues

Conversion of L76 engine into HSV Clubsport. These engines have a different reluctor tooth count and the E40 computor will not run them. We made a conversion box that changes the tooth count eliminating the need to replace the wiring harness, computor etc.and turning off the anti theft. these engines make alot more power and allows easy installation into older model cars.

Chrysler 300C DPF Filter removeal and reprogramming - interesting job with a large power gain

Brennan Supercharger - this came in for rebuilding. This has lasted 22 years - serial number 80 out of 250 of the helical cut gear model . It has been subjected to a hard life as you can see from the photos and still survived.

We will be making new liteweight housings for this and using our updated straightcut gear set. This should last customer another 20 plus years.

All housings including the snail are machined from billet alloy - no casting.

Customers failed sequential gearbox - unable to shift - machined new shifter pieces and dresssed and tidied dogs and gears. all shifting as should now with quicker, smoother shifts

Toyota V8 crank assy balanced to 0.1 gm. All parts balanced individually and then as an assy. Will run nice and smooth.

Machined up a stainless caliper piston for Chevy Suburban today as none available. This replacing the composite type that swells with the fluid. Will now see a much longer service life.

Saker Sports Car - this car was in for minor compliance alterations and exhaust

Our Sons introduction to Driving when he was 15 - The yellow Cortina was an oldie but great entry level with 700plus HP -

Camaro was Davids Stage 2 of his driving experience - another oldie but good for developing his skill level - this went on to be sold back to USA

This Chassis had a complete revamp with the latest updates

Rebuild and restoration of Holden 308 now complete - customer now to install in to vehicle and return for startup,camshaft run in and dyno tune